South Shores Church Foundation

“We wanted something that could allow for creativity in ministry. Something that would care about focusing on future generations. Something that people would see as ongoing investment: gifts that keep on giving for the good of the church and the glory of God.”
— Tandy Sullivan, Pastor Emeritus


To provide an enduring endowment that supports the missions and ministries of South Shores Church. Since its inception in 2003, the South Shores Church Foundation has provided substantial support to our missionaries and approved community outreach programs, and supported needs of our church that go beyond the day to day operations.

The South Shores Church Foundation is funded by gifts of $1000 or more from individuals, families or corporations.
Gifts to the Foundation are invested using professional investment advisors and are overseen by a Board of Directors composed of three Deacons and four members of our congregation.  The Senior Pastor and the Chief Financial Officer advise the Board to ensure that disbursements are aligned with our church’s mission and grant opportunities.

Grants from the South Shores Church Foundation are made using a portion of the earnings gained so that the principal is preserved and continues to grow; serving now and into the future.

Your Opportunity
Whether honoring a family member, creating tax benefits from charitable giving, or otherwise fulfilling your call to build God’s Kingdom, the South Shores Church Foundation is a great option as your gift will be well managed, remain aligned with the mission and vision of South Shores Church and... is a gift that keeps on giving.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the South Shores Church Foundation (SSCF) established and for what purpose?

SSCF is a religious 501(c)(3) corporation that was established in 2003 to create an endowment fund for the purpose of:
  • Helping expand and enrich the mission of South Shores Church (SSC)
  • Supporting and enhancing the ministries, programs, and operating needs of SSC
  • Holding and administering special non-cash gifts, such as real estate and privately held securities, if accepted by the Board of Directors (BoD)
  • Complementing the annual tithing and gifts that support operations of SSC, its ministries and missions, if necessary
  • Providing an opportunity to contribute to God’s kingdom in the present that will continue to bear fruit into the future.
How does the SSCF work?
Gifts are invested using professional investment advisors and overseen by a BoDs from SSC.  On an annual basis, a portion of the net earnings from these investments is distributed.  The spending policy of SSCF is such that the net assets of SSCF grow at a rate that at least maintains the purchasing power of those assets (off-setting the rate of inflation) while earnings above that amount may be used to fund church ministries, missions, programs and operations as authorized by a majority of the BoD.
How is SSCF managed?
SSCF is managed by a board of seven directors, with the senior pastor and chief financial officer as “ex-officio” members of the BoD.  The BoD and ex-officio members meet regularly to discuss the investment portfolio, consider and decide upon needs and opportunities within the church ministries, missions, programs and operations as potential distributions, determine and create communications for the awareness of the church community, and conduct other administrative tasks.

The SSCF BoD engages a professional investment advisor to advise on and manage the funds within the investment portfolio.
How are members of the Board of Directors (BoD) of SSCF selected?
Four directors are members of the SSC at large, nominated and selected by the SSC Board of Deacons.  Nominees are members of SSC who are known for their godly walk, biblical astuteness, financial stability, and moral uprightness.  The remaining three directors are members of the SSC Board of Deacons.  The SSC Board of Deacons designate from current members of the SSC Board of Deacons who will serve as Deacon-Directors on the SSCF BoD.

The SSCF BoD serve a 3-year term with the possibility of up to three consecutive terms.
Who are the current members of the SSCF BoD?
Joe Moderow – President (at large)
  • Hal Orr – CFO (Deacon)
  • George Green – VP (Deacon)
  • Keith Anderson – Moderator (Deacon)
  • Susan Bilhorn – Secretary (at large)
  • Kirk Last (at large)
  • Pattie Brotherton (at large)
Who is the investment advisor for the SSCF and how was that advisor selected?
Dan Horgan Managing Director of Raymond James & Associates is our investment advisor. Dan Horgan was named on the Best-In-State Wealth Advisors List 2021 and ranked #5 of all Best-In-State Advisors in Southern California.
Dan Horgan became the investment advisor for the SSCF in 2016.  He was selected by vote of the SSCF BoD after research and analysis of various options.

How is the amount of distributions (grants) from the SSCF determined?
The total amount of distribution or grant is between 50% to 100% of net earnings over the rate of inflation in total net assets, excluding current year contributions.  A decision on the amount that may be distributed/granted is based on SSCF BoD review of the annual growth in net assets at the first SSCF BoD meeting after the books for the SSCF are closed.
How are decisions made on where distributions (grants) from SSCF will be directed?
The SSC Senior Pastor gathers from all SSC pastors and staff the funding needs, opportunities, and requests.  A written statement is prepared which explains each possible item and is presented to the SSCF BoD for review.  These needs, opportunities and requests are for ministries, missions, programs, and operating needs of SSC that present opportunities to advance the mission and values of SSC that are above and beyond what has already been included within the SSC Annual Budget.
Do members of the SSCF BoD donate to SSCF?
As part of their personal commitment to SSCF, all Board members have contributed to the SSCF.
Are the financial reports and investment portfolio performance of SSCF available to the public?
 Upon request the financial reports and investment portfolio performance of SSCF are available to those who have or are interested in contributing to the SSCF.  Such requests are made available by contacting the Chief Financial Officer of the SSC.
How does the SSCF ensure that the investments reflect the mission and values of SSC?
Investment strategies, opportunities and markets are complex and dynamic.  The board is in constant dialog within its members and with the Investment Advisor to best ensure that funds of SSCF are being invested in a manner that may best serve God’s kingdom.
Who do I contact about gifting to SSCF through instruments such as Will or Trust, or with stocks, bonds, IRA or 401?
Contact Damien Cortese, South Shores Church Chief Financial Officer at (949) 496-9331 or at

How do I address my check in donating to the SSCF?

Checks can be made out to South Shores Church Foundation (SSCF) and can be mailed to:
South Shores Church, 32712 Crown Valley Parkway, Dana Point, CA 92629
Is there a minimum contribution for gifts to the SSCF?

For administrative purposes the minimum contribution to SSCF is $1,000.00.  Gifts of less than $1,000.00 are otherwise welcomed directly to SSC.
What are examples of the SSCF's distributions or grants?

  • Enhanced contributions to missionaries and ministries supported by SSC for ongoing and emergent needs
  • Funded scholarships for education of students active within SSC
  • Provided funding to purchase video and other communications technology to support providing services and ministry on-line due to the impact of COVID
  • Funded the purchase of the tent to enable in-person services on the SSC campus
  • Helped fund the reestablishment of MOPS
  • Contributed to the Inspire Building Fund Campaign
  • Contributed to the Debt Reduction Campaign