Rooted is a journey designed to deepen your connection with God, 
His church, and your purpose.

Rooted is more than a program, seminar, or Bible Study. In a world that is fragmented, isolated, and empty. Rooted is the absolute best way to make real authentic connections with a group of people who are on the same journey. It is a catalyst for life-change through group experiences designed to help you see God and hear His voice in new and surprising ways.

What to Expect

Rooted is an interactive experience. In the course of ten weeks, you will meet with a group of people to talk about what God has been revealing to you as you go through the week’s readings and experiences. You will learn from one another as the Holy Spirit works to encourage, challenge, and guide each member.

In addition to your group times, you will also join together for prayer, serving, and sharing your story experiences.

Interested in joining a Rooted Group?

Rooted groups meet for 10 weeks including the kickoff night. Contact us today so we can help you find a group that fits you and your schedule.
The cost for the entire ten-week experience, (including your Rooted book, materials, leader training, and Celebration Dinner) is $30 per person.
*You can wait until the kickoff when you receive your book to make your payment. Scholarships are available to all who are in need. (just request a scholarship when registering.)

Questions? Email Pastor Derick