The story of South Shores Church has God's fingerprints all over it. And while we can't share every story of life changed or person blessed by God through the over 60 years of faithfulness, we can share with you about some of the big movements that have occurred. But what's more, we are excited that God is still writing our story, and we believe some of the biggest movements of God in our church are still yet to come!

The South Shores Church Story Begins

God inspired 13 people in Genevieve Cole's Bible study in Laguna Beach to start the process to become a Baptist Church. About this same time, a Bible study in San Juan Capistrano became a church called Capistrano Valley Baptist Church.

South Shores Church, which had outgrown the Cole's home, and the Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, moves to 32712 Crown Valley Parkway, a six-acre site viewed by all as a gift from God.

The church constructs the Chapel and gathers for worship under the leadership of Pastor Chuck Waters and then Pastor Don Cole, all the while remaining faithful to God's Word with a heart for God's people and the Gospel.

The church constructs the present Worship Center, under Pastor Ted Cole, and actively begins to pursue ministry to children and youth.
In 2012 we made a series of videos to catalog some of the first-hand accounts of God's story at South Shores Church. In 2015 we created a video to kick-off our Inspired Journey to cast the vision for what we thought God was going to do next. Together, these four videos help give a personal look to what God has done in the past 60 years of ministry through His people at South Shores.

The Story Continues

Dr. Tyler S. Guy began his call as Senior Pastor. Under his leadership sanctuary debt was retired and the church has experienced great growth, including the addition of multiple worship services and worship styles. As needs increase, studies are begun to determine what can be done most effectively with the gift of property God had given South Shores Church.

God blesses South Shores Church with the opportunity to join together with Capistrano Valley Baptist Church and become one church on multiple campuses.

The two campuses unite on the San Juan Campus so they can begin construction of new and exciting facilities in Dana Point. During these years in San Juan, a renewed passion for outreach, discipleship, missions, and church planting has caught the fervor of the pastors, staff, and congregation. We believe God intended these years to build something in the church body in San Juan, even as new buildings are built in Dana Point.

The Next Chapter

2020 & Beyond
The year of new: new buildings, new initiatives, new life breathed from the Spirit of God onto a church that is poised to partner with God for the next sixty years of ministry in South Orange County. Anchored in God's Word, known by love, rescued to reach, partnered in prayer and investing in what's next; we are excited for what God has in store, and we hope that you will join us as we grow fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.