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Step 1. Read the Bible Story and Watch the Video Together

Read the Story from the Bible together as a family.
After you have read it, watch the Bible Story Video during the Sunday Kids Service. Questions will include conversations about the Bible story to allow you and your children to reflect on the biblical truth and share your thoughts about the video with each other.

2. Work on Coloring Pages and Choose an at-home Family Action

Included are coloring pages, activity sheets, games, additional questions and ideas to engage with the Bible story further at home with your child.


Sunday, July 14th


Talk About it:
  1. What was your favorite part of the video we just watched?
  1. Have you learned anything about God that surprises you?
  2. Who or what are some things that you should listen to? Who or what should you not listen to? Answers will vary. Discuss how God has placed godly people in our lives that teach us truth such as parents, teachers, and friends. Encourage kids to listen to people or read books that point them to Jesus and His Word. Tell kids that the world gives messages that are opposite of God’s Word. Encourage kids to not listen to anyone or anything that contradicts Scripture.
  3. Why can you always trust Jesus? Discuss how Jesus came into the world to tell people God’s message and to bring people to God through His death and resurrection. Tell kids that we can always trust Jesus and His words because He came to save us. Remind kids that Jesus’ words bring eternal life and that He always wants what is best for us—namely to bring us to Himself.
  4. How can you better know the words of the true Prophet, Jesus? Encourage kids to continue coming to church to hear God’s Word and read their Bibles on their own. Tell kids that they can seek out godly adults who can help them to better know the Bible and what is true. Remind kids that God’s Word leads us to know Jesus more and also helps us turn away from sin.

Preschool Family Actions:

Invite boys and girls to play a guessing game with you. Describe what a person does in a particular role. Encourage preschoolers to guess who that person is. Examples could include “I help people who are sick” (doctor or nurse); “I teach boys and girls the Bible” (teacher); “I help keep you safe” (police officer); “I deliver packages to your house” (mail carrier). Be sure to include the role of a prophet: “I share God’s words with the people.”

SAY People have many roles and responsibilities. A prophet is someone who stands before God for all the people and shares God’s words with the people. In the Old Testament, Moses was a prophet to God’s people. Moses told the people, ‘God will raise up for you a prophet like me. You must listen to Him.’ That prophet Moses was talking about was Jesus. Jesus is the perfect Prophet. Jesus came into the world to tell people God’s words and invite them into God’s family forever.

Elementary Family Actions:

Lead kids to form a single file line in the center of the room. Explain that you will shout out a statement about Jesus and they must decide if what you say is true or false. Tell kids that if what you say is true, they run to the right. Tell kids that if what you say is false, they run to the left. Direct kids to line up in the center of the room after each round. Consider using the following examples or choose your own:

• Jesus taught people God’s Word.
• Jesus did not always listen to God.
• Jesus did not tell people the way to God.
• Jesus died for sinners.
• Jesus came to save us from sin.
• Jesus is the perfect Prophet.

SAY Jesus is the perfect Prophet God promised. He came into the world to tell people God’s message and to bring people to God through His death and resurrection.